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Hey there, Are you looking for a speaker that will educate and entertain attendees for your next seminar, workshop, conference or panel discussion? Implementing actionable strategies that will inspire them to take action. Book Angelita today! 

Speaking Topics

  • Staring Fear in the Face

  • Leadership

  • The Power of Networking

  • Entrepreneurship

Angelita the Coach
Angelita the Coach
Angelita the Coach
Angelita the Coach


  • Conferences

  • Workshops

  • Panels

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I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at the Rise to Power Conference. You were awesome and inspiring. Thank you! #ilovedeltatoo

Georgia D.

Her seminar was fire "As long as you are in business. fear will always be at each level as you grow. Embrace the fear and do it anyway" Angelita Thomas

Chantinique L.