The method of self-talking our way out of the things, that are important to us, has become easy and we often tell ourselves we don’t have time; yet we find time for other things. It is always better to start than not to start at all, we usually look at how much work we have ahead of us and get discouraged before we even start.  Life gives back to us what we put in and if we don’t give anything, we will get back nothing.

Think about a goal you truly want to accomplish; it could be losing weight, going back to school or something as simple as saving for that one thing you always wanted. If you put 1% each day into this goal, you will be 1% closer daily to achieving your goal, momentum is the key.

Let’s talk about going back to school for a moment and for example; you might be saying that you don’t have time to complete this goal. However, you can choose a method that works for you, whether it’s online or in class, you can commit to one course per semester and before you know it you have completed three classes within a year. That is 1% closer to completing your goal and before you know it the years roll by and you have completed your schooling.

Life is about momentum, whether it’s positive or negative if you’re in a positive mindset and set plans towards your goals each day you will see positive results slowly but surely. However, if your thinking is always negative and your main focus are your obstacles then years later you will be in the same position with no progress.

Daily positive affirmations are very important in life, you need to tell yourself that you can and you will. Speak out loud to self because when others are speaking negativity to you it is always loud. If you’re not positively speaking to self why do you expect others to speak positively about you?

I am in a position where I am influential and there are times, I find myself in a negative mindset/ mood; this affects those around me and I notice their mood changes as well in a negative way. 

Knowing myself and the role I play in others’ lives, I am mindful of my actions, try to focus more on the positive side of each situation and speak positively, in order to allow and influence others to be more positive in their own choices. “Talk about the power of speaking out loud”.

Not everyone is aware of how their actions affect others, so it’s very important that you speak out loud and tell yourself each day, your daily goals, your daily affirmations and your daily expectation of self. You will be surprised how much you will accomplish over time with this simple step and when others are negative, it won’t matter because your positive self-talk is louder than theirs.

Being positive in your actions and your thinking will help you to achieve your goals and it also helps you to sow seeds that will prosper in your life and the lives of others. Growing up I heard the term “you’ll reap what you sow” and I’m telling you this is true. You have control of the outcome of your life, it is your story to write and rewrite, you get to choose.

So, go ahead and think about what seed you want to sow into your life, how you want your life to end, the kind of life you want to live and with that in mind, you MAKE a PLAN. Break down this plan into simple goals that are possible for you to accomplish daily, it could be as simple as doing 10 minutes of research daily until you gather all the information you need to get you to your next step.

This method might not look like anything at first, but the power of momentum will get you there. Slow progress does show eventually and you will be proud of self once you start to accomplish your goals, your life will also change in a positive way. The key is to start because if you don’t, you won’t have any progress to celebrate.

Celebrating your small accomplishments will also motivate you to keep going and this will also help you to not rely on others to celebrate you.

“Be not discouraged by your humble beginnings”

“You may be slow to start but strong to finish”


“It’s in you to live the kind of life you want to.”

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