Be Fearless

Be Fearless

Being fearless will liberate you from the restrictions that you’ve place upon yourself. Opportunities will expand, your mind becomes peaceful, you accomplish more. Rather than wanting shelter from difficulties. You want the capacity to rise to any challenge.

I know this because in the past I created my own fears. Which means I also have the power to extinguish them.

According to Nearly 15-20% of us experience specific phobias at least once in our life. In the U.S., nearly 8.7% of people (aged 18 and over) have at least one extreme specific fear and nearly 25 million Americans report having the fear of flying phobia.

Greater understanding makes life less scary. You can teach yourself to let go of whatever is causing distress. When you’re feeling afraid, it brings the fears out into the open. This is one technique I used and still use to this day. I focus on my breathing which helps with my anxieties. My muscles relax and my thoughts are purified.

I live in the moment and avoid anticipating everything that could go wrong and focus on what could go right. It is prudent to make plans for typical challenges, like traffic delays and bad weather. But it is also essential to realize that many events are beyond our control.

Trust yourself to handle whatever comes your way. Looking back on past adversities teaches us that we can triumph over challenging circumstances. You may find a better job after getting laid off from one position. You may learn to manage a chronic medical condition through simple lifestyle changes.

You may face hardships head on. Taking prompt action will teach you that you are resilient. Finding solutions becomes your focus.

Acknowledge the feelings, be gentle with yourself when you start to feel uneasy. You decide to move ahead anyway and fear shifts to the background.

Today, I show great courage. I confront my fears and watch them go away and you should to. Are you ready to stare fear in the face? Contact me for a 30- minute discovery session

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What do you greatest fears reveal about you?

2. How can you overcome habits that reinforce fear?

3. How would being fearless change your life?

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