5 Tips to Kick the Grind

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

I am OVER influencers, experts and gurus telling people they have to work day and night in order to get their business off the ground or to be successful in their careers. This advice is misleading.

I mean…let’s be real. It takes work to be successful at anything. Athletes put in the work to be the best. Musicians put in hours of practice to be the best. And yes, successful business owners and leaders have to do the work to be the best at what they do.

Work is required to be successful.

Pre-COVID I attended an event where the speaker was talking about failing forward. She was a powerful and passionate presenter. The audience, including myself, was captivated by her.

She was sharing golden nuggets of inspiration and strategy for being successful in business and life. Things like “triple down on your strengths”, “learn to lose early” and “entrepreneurship is a journey not a destination.” While I agree with all of these points, there was one thing she said with which I completely disagree.

As the presenter shared how she and her husband built their business from nothing to over $1 million in revenue in just 3 years, she talked about “having the dog” in her. Meaning she was always on the hunt. She advised the audience to sacrifice sleep to go after their purpose. She almost bragged about how during that time she only slept 2 hours a night and managed 72 employees without any help.

That my friends is what I call GRIND!

A life of grinding is most people’s perception of the life of an entrepreneur and the highly successful. You work incessantly. You live on “team no sleep”. You have to do it all. AND…by yourself.

Well, that’s not how I want to live my life as an entrepreneur and leader. I choose grace over grind!

You see, people who believe grinding is the way to be successful, not only as a business owner, but as an employee, are misguided. You don’t have to grind all the time.

Really, living and operating from a place of grind is hazardous to your health! Just ask Ariana Huffington who passed out in her office, hitting her head on her desk from sleep deprivation. Or my dear friend and business bestie who fainted in front of her board due to exhaustion. Even I have been in that space where I felt like I had to put in those 50+ hours a week to get ahead, only to get sick to the point where I couldn’t get out of bed for over a week. My grind brought my marriage to the brink of divorce.

That’s not the life for me.

I’m sure that’s not the life for you either.

So, how do you launch and grow a successful business or climb your way to the C-suite and still have a fulfilled life? Operate by HIS grace. When you are grinding, you are operating in your own strength, which is limited. But by operating by grace, you are tapped into the strength of God which is limitless.

I want to share with you 5 tips to operate by grace rather than grind.

  1. Put God first. The very first thing you need to do when you get up in the morning (after emptying your bladder of course) is to spend time in prayer and fellowship with the Lord. Give Him your day. Ask for guidance and direction for the right things to do.

  2. Plan out your day. Schedule your most important tasks first. These are the activities that are directly tied to your goals. If you don’t get anything else done for the day, at least you made progress on your most important goals. I have a weekly plan printable you can download for free that walks you through this process.

  3. Delegate. While there are things that cannot go undone, that doesn’t mean they have to be done by you. When possible give task to others that are outside of your core genius. Assign chores to your kids. Hire a housekeeper. Get an assistant. Use a meal service or have your groceries delivered. Offload as many things as you can that aren’t directly tied to where you are going and who you are becoming.

  4. Honor your body. There is only one you. You can’t go trade in your body for a new one, so care for the one you have. Get the appropriate amount of sleep. Eat healthy and energizing foods. Drink water. Exercise regularly. You will be much more productive and focused when your body is properly fueled.

  5. Schedule down time. Have a big event coming up that’s going to require you to work more hours than usual to prepare for it? Working on a big project? Block time out in your schedule to relax. Book a mini vacation or even a staycation. Make an appointment for a spa day. Do whatever it takes to recharge your mind and body after periods of increased demand.

By implementing these strategies, you will build, grow and experience success without the negative effects of burnout.

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