3 Types of Courage

Hi! My name is Ben Eden. Prior to becoming a full-time speaker, author, and life coach, I worked in Human Resources. I had gotten my Master’s Degree and was a Senior Certified Professional. I left my Executive HR position in February 2020 to follow my passion and to share a message to inspire the world.

Today I wanted to share a few things I have learned about courage.

In fact, when you think of courage, you first have to define what it is. What does it feel like? Confidence? Unstoppable energy? Determination? What do those feel like? That is important for you to figure out so you can know what it feels like when you get there.

One thing to point out: Courage is not the absence of fear. It is staring fear in the face and moving forward any way.

Now that we have considered what courage is, why do you want it? What is it you want to accomplish? Do you want to ask your crush on a date? Do you want to ask your boss for a raise or promotion? Do you want to have that conversation you have been avoiding with your coworker?

Whatever your reason is, have it in mind as you read about 3 Types of Courage.

(1) Courage to Try

Ever since I was little I wanted to be an inspirational speaker. I grew up listening to speakers and just knew I wanted to be one someday.

However, something happened when I was 9 or 10 years old that crushed that dream for many years.

I was in elementary school and we had just finished playing dodgeball for PE. I have always loved sports and I have a natural talent for most sports. My friends were starting to notice my talent and I started to really care what they thought of me.

As we were leaving the gym to go back to class, my friends were laughing about something. Naturally, I wanted to be a part of the fun so I asked them what was so funny.

They told me to raise my arms.

So I did.

And my friends laughed even harder.

I looked down and realized that I had extremely sweaty armpits.

Now you might think, “What’s the big deal? You just got out of a dodgeball game. Of course you were sweating.” Yes, but I was still getting to know my body and I didn’t know I sweat like that. And it must have been more than others or else why would my friends make a big deal about it?

As I was beginning to look good in front of my friends and I really cared about what they thought of me, I was caught in an embarrassing situation regarding something I had no control over. I felt humiliated, embarrassed, ashamed, scared, and uncomfortable. My friends reacted in ways that I didn’t like. They laughed at me. They said it was gross and disgusting.

After a while, I began to think that I was gross. That I was disgusting. That nobody wanted to be around me... I began to believe that I was the problem.

Have you ever had something about yourself that you don’t necessarily control and that you aren’t proud of? Something that stops you from unlocking your potential and following your passion?

It turns out I have what is called, “hyperhidrosis,” or excessive underarm sweat. It isn’t something I can really control. So I have learned to go through life trying to hide this part of me.

See how this event caused me such emotional pain that I thought I could never be an inspirational speaker? I was terrified of getting on stage, having people notice my excessive sweating, and then I would be humiliated.

How I recovered from my emotional pain is a story for another time, but over the past few years I had begun to discover my passion and I knew I needed to be a speaker. I knew I had a talent and a message to share. So I decided to have the Courage to Try.

I began speaking a few times a year at management conferences as an HR executive. Did anyone ever mention my sweaty armpits? Never!

Finally, in February of 2020, I decided to leave my executive HR job to follow my dream of being an inspirational speaker.

All because I had the Courage to Try.

(2) Courage to Act

I lived in Brazil for two years serving a mission for my church. We are paired with another missionary as we serve in a particular area. The missionary paired with me (we call them a companion) was brand new so I was his trainer. As a trainer, I wanted to show him the ropes and make sure he knew how to be successful as a missionary.

We rode a lot of busses in Brazil. Busses in Brazil are always packed. When the bus got full, we would go to the front, turn around, and share a short message and then walk around and see if anyone would let us visit them at home to share more of the message.

My goal here was to show my companion that if you worked hard and showed faith, you would have success. My companion didn’t speak much Portuguese, so I did all this myself. After sharing the message up front, I spoke to every single person on the bus.

Guess how many people agreed to let us visit them at their house?


You can bet I was pretty discouraged. By this time my adrenaline had run out and I was pretty disappointed. I was starting to think that I had failed because I hadn’t taught my companion that this type of work can be successful.

I had pretty much given up and was now just waiting for our stop to arrive so we could get off and go home.

A few minutes later, a woman got on the bus and stood close to us.

I had already talked to every single person on the bus and wasn’t in the greatest mood so I was about to pass on her.

However, I decided to have the Courage to Act.

I decided to talk to that one more person.

Guess what! She let us visit her at her apartment and she ended up converting!

The Courage to Act made all that work worth it.

(3) Courage to Trust

A few years ago I took a Self-Reliance class. We did it as a group and set goals towards what we were working on. I was in the class entitled, “Education for a Better Job.” It didn’t make much sense for me to be in that particular class because I already had my Master’s degree and was an executive at work. I thought I couldn’t really progress in either direction but I felt good about being the class.

As we progressed through the weeks and were setting goals, I had the feeling that I should set a goal to buy a house.

I thought, “That has nothing to do with education or a better job. Why would I do that?”

But the feeling persisted and I finally decided to write “buy a house” down as a goal.

A few weeks passed and I had the feeling that I should ask my boss for a raise.

I thought, “My boss doesn’t even like me right now! Why would he give me a raise?”

Asking your boss for a raise can be terrifying anyway!

But I decided to have the Courage to Trust.

I decided to have the Courage to Trust and I made a plan to talk to my boss the next day.

I asked my boss for a raise and he granted it to me! It was just what I needed to be able to buy my house.

The Courage to Trust has gotten me to where I am today.

In business, realize that you don’t have to do this alone. You have help from Divine sources as well as from friends and family. You can decide to be courageous! You can decide to have Courage to Try, Courage to Act, and Courage to Trust.

Which type of Courage resonated with you most?

Since 2014, Ben has spoken all over the world with a message that raises listeners’ sights and encourages them to achieve their greatest potential. He has a way with words that captures the attention and inspires the mind.

With real life examples and entertaining stories, Ben helps listeners overcome their emotional pain so they can unlock their potential and build their dreams.

He recently left an executive HR position to dedicate himself full time to bringing his message to you.

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